Exploring Direct Mail Services from USPS

From the formation of S&A Cherokee (then Smith & Associates) 32 years ago, we have never subscribed to a cookie-cutter approach to PR and marketing. When we think a client can benefit from media relations or content marketing, we recommend they do that. If it makes sense for a client to advertise or use direct mail, we’ll recommend those tactics.

While geo-targeted direct mail may not be ideal for B-to-B clients, it can certainly make sense for consumer-oriented businesses like auto service repair shops, restaurants and optometrists.

Traditionally, you would have to go to a list broker to obtain a database of mailing addresses that match your specific criteria (location, income, education, married status, etc.). Now, you can get some of those services directly from the United State Postal Service. Read more »

Evolution of the Press Release

A press release is an announcement issued to the news media and other targeted outlets for the purpose of informing the public of an organization’s developments. The audience can be the general public, or specific, segmented audiences bound by industry, interest, geography or demographics.

Over the years, press releases (used interchangeable with “news releases”) have evolved to meet changing needs and new technologies. Read more »

Busting a Few Social Media Myths

As a veteran communicator, I’ve seen plenty of “hot” new social media platforms come and go. Not being an early adapter has probably saved me from wasting time and resources on channels that didn’t last.

What was Google Wave again? Did you know that social media pioneer Friendster is now a gaming site? Can co-owner Justin Timberlake rescue Myspace?

As the successful social media platforms have matured and stabilized, we started to see lists of recommendations. Do this on Facebook. You must do that on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to do this on Twitter. Here are a few social media myths that I would like to bust. Read more »

Three Quick Observations from the World Cup

I admit it. I am a latent soccer fan. Sure, I played it growing up and have attended some college matches, but I don’t regularly follow the sport.

So, during all the hoopla surrounding the World Cup, I will root for the U.S. team, and I will occasionally catch glimpses of other matches. But I couldn’t pick a star player out of a lineup, and my interest will surely wane after the champion is crowned.

What fascinates me more, however, is the status of this tournament as a true global event that impacts social and traditional media. Here are three quick media-related observations related the World Cup. Read more »

Why Grammar Matters to Your Bottom Line

As a full-service communications company, we help clients develop and deliver key messages to target audiences. That can involve everything from researching and writing original content to editing and refining text provided by clients.

Regardless of where we plug into the workflow process to add value, one crucial step that cannot be overlooked is copy editing. S&A Cherokee has seasoned communications professionals with expertise in writing, editing and proofreading content such as marketing collateral, annual reports, websites, emails, direct mail, print ads, radio ads, press releases, editorials, guest articles, letters to the editor, speeches and more. Read more »